Student Life

Marion Charter School is home of the Sharks! As a student, our goal is to help you achieve academic success and prepare you for middle school and beyond! Our instructional and administrative staff is here to help you.

School-Wide Rules at Marion Charter School

1. Be Respectful
2. Be Responsible
3. Be a Problem Solver

Our discipline policy is based on our core philosophy that all children are loveable and in need of positive feedback and clear limits. We define behavior as “helpful” or “hurtful”, so our overriding rule is “Make all you actions and words helpful!” If a student chooses a hurtful action, there will be a logical consequence, i.e.: call someone a hurtful name and lose the privilege of being around people for a period of time (time-out).

Because we believe that we are partners with our parents and/or guardians as we endeavor to create helpful citizens of the future, we will maintain close communication regarding each child’s behavior and academic growth.

For classrooms to be most effective and for the most successful learning to occur, students must be able to demonstrate age appropriate behavior or a regular basis. The staff of Marion Charter School will strive to help children learn and use appropriate behavior.

Wall of Fame

Every week one student from each class will be recognized for practicing a positive social skill and/or character trait of the week. Each teacher talks with their students throughout the week about the character trait of focus.

At the end of the week, each teacher chooses the “Wall of Fame” student of the week, based on who has demonstrated the skill or character trait of the week. Students who are chosen for the Wall of Fame will have their picture taken and displayed by the front office for all to see and admire! Please check the Wall of Fame frequently!

Lunch Information

This year breakfast and lunch are FREE for all elementary school students.

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